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How to Study and Work in Japan?


Do you know how to study and work in Japan? There are many ways to be able to go to Japan besides just traveling, not just going away even you can stay, study and work in Japan. But how? A lot of incorrect and misleading information about how to go to Japan. We were established with its vision to provide true information about Japan.


First of all what goals do you want to achieve in Japan, is it just for sightseeing? Or do you want to stay in Japan for a long time, or work in Japan? If you want to travel you only need to take care of a visa, but it is different if you want to work or study. To be able to work or study in Japan, you need a work/student visa.


We will help you find a job or school and guide you how to apply for it.  A work/student visa can only be obtained if you have a CoE (Certificate of Eligibility). This CoE can only be obtained if there is a request from a company/school in Japan, without CoE you will not be able to stay, study and work in Japan.


To be able to settle in Japan, Japanese language skills are absolutely necessary, without Japanese language skills it is quite hard to work in Japan. For that reason, Japanese language schools in Japan are very necessary so that you can speak Japanese well, quickly and smoothly and it opens opportunities to live and work in Japan.


You can also find a direct job in Japan without job experience. It usually requires conversational Japanese skill. Please register first and get our consultation.

Japan Introduction


The cost of living in Japan is 50% lower than that of UK, America and Australia Even Japan is still cheaper than Singapore.

Furthermore, longer hours of part-time work are allowed with sufficient wage in Japan. Japanese higher education is at top level in the international education ranking. 

In Japan there are 87 public universities, 600 private universities, and 3300 more vocational schools. 



Many successful foreign students get various jobs in Japan. After completing language school or higher education, students can find work in Japan and get a working visa. The starting salary of working reaches 200,000 JPY and an average salary of about 400,000 JPY. Another option is to get a direct job without studying in Japan. This way is also workable and getting popular for some skilled people easpecially IT engineers.



No doubt Japan is a leader in technology and industry in the world.  A high standard of living in peace can be found at everywhere in Japan. The cost of living in Japan is 50% lower than that of UK, America and Australia Even Japan is still cheaper than Singapore. Japan's convenient lifestyle and advanced medical services are backed up by one of the highest levels of science and technology in the world. 

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